About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Christine!

I'm thrilled that you've entrusted me to lead you on this journey about learning how to sketch fishes of the world.

A lifelong love of fish and aquatic habitats

So, you may ask, "what qualifies Christine to teach me about fish and how to draw them?"

Good question! I've always been fascinated by fish and the freshwater and marine habitats in which they live. I grew up swimming among wild trout in the mountain rivers and lakes of California. In college, I studied marine biology and earned my SCUBA license, and have since dove and snorkeled in such diverse places as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Galapagos, and the South Pacific. I've held internships and jobs at a variety of organizations focused on fish biology including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Moss Landing Marine Lab as well as spending a summer field season studying endangered West Slope Cutthroat Trout in Idaho.

While working as a high school and college biology instructor, I designed and taught upper-division elective courses in marine biology.

In 2006 I earned a graduate degree in science illustration from the University of California and have since worked on a variety of fish-themed projects for scientists, environmental education groups, and conservation organizations.

I've designed and illustrated interpretive panels that teach park visitors about efforts to restore fish stocks and improve riparian habitats. Fish like salmon and trout rely on clean waters and healthy insect populations so I was commissioned to create 100 illustrations for The Bug Book: A Guide to the Identification of Common Aquatic Benthic Macroinvertebrate Families of California and Western North America. 

Most recently, I've taught live online workshops for a global audience of students on such fishes as endangered sturgeon and bluefin tunas...some of which are included in this course!

Finding me online

Below you'll find a list of places to find me online where you can learn more about my work.

A selection of online stories that will give you some insight into my work:


More places to find me online:

  • Websitewith over 100 blog posts on a variety of nature topics and information about events, courses, workshops, illustration services, and nature sketching tours.
  • YouTube Channelvideos on wildlife, sketching tutorials, and adventures in nature.
  • Online Courses: on nature sketching, painting, and journaling.
  • Facebook Pageposts on current news about science and nature.
  • Crowdcastsite that hosts my live streaming online workshops.
  • Emailcontact me anytime! I'd love to see samples of the sketches you create in this course and any feedback you have for improvements to this course.

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