Woodpecker Family Picidae (Lineated Woodpecker)

 Woodpeckers of the Neotropics

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn some fascinating facts about the ecology, anatomy, and behavior of Neotropical woodpeckers. Since woodpeckers are a global and large family of 233 species (and I’ve covered North American species previously) in this workshop we’ll focus on those in Central and South America; an area that supports the world’s richest diversity of woodpeckers.

10 genera are represented here and include most of the world’s largest species such as the Magellanic, Pileated, and Lineated, as well as several endangered species (Kaempfer’s) and some that are likely tragically extinct (Imperial and Ivory-billed).

I'll share stories and images of woodpeckers I’ve seen in the Neotropics including Central America’s Pale-billed, Chestnut-colored And South America’s Powerful, Cream-colored, Guayaquil, and island endemics like the Puerto Rican and Guadeloupe Woodpeckers.

Lastly, I'll lead you through a step-by-step sketching demonstration in which together we will draw the widespread Lineated Woodpecker.

> Please download the Lineated Woodpecker Sketching Cheatsheet then watch the video below >

> Click here for link to bonus resources mentioned in the workshop.

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