Cattle Family (Bighorn Sheep)

Bighorn Sheep and Cattle Family Workshop

In this workshop, you'll learn about the diversity and general anatomy of global members of the cattle family (Bovidae) as well as get an introduction to the Artiodactyla order to which they belong.

Next, I will lead you through several warmup exercises where we'll sketch Nyala, Gemsbok, and Cape Buffalo.

Lastly, we will learn about our featured species; the Bighorn Sheep of North America, and create a detailed shaded pencil drawing of the large-horned male.

Suggested materials: sketching pencils, paper, and the downloadable resources (see below). I'll describe the materials further in the workshop's introduction.

Please download your bighorn sheep sketching cheatsheet, bonus bovid images, and the viewfinder/value scale handouts then watch the workshop.

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