New World Warblers, Family Parulidae

Warbler Sketching Tutorial

In this video, you'll learn all about the Wood Warblers; a large New World family of over 100 species. And of course, you'll learn all about their anatomy and field marks as I lead you through a step-by-step sketching tutorial. 

We'll cover not only familiar species like the Yellow-rumped Warbler, but also interesting Central American endemics like the Red Warbler and the Pink-headed Warbler to name a few!

>Please download the Warbler Sketching Cheatsheet and other reference files below, then click the video to watch the workshop.

Warbler Reference Photos.pdf


Below, you'll see a quick video to help you learn to sketch from memory. You can download the Blue-winged Warbler sketching cheat sheet below to follow along.

You might enjoy reading this comprehensive story I wrote on How to Identify Warblers to enhance your understanding of this diverse family.

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